5 strategies for an optimal post-workout recovery

5 strategies for an optimal post-workout recovery
5 strategies for an optimal post-workout recovery


1: Never skip a meal after heavy-weight workout

More experienced fitness enthusiasts are aware that nutrition is even more important than training when it comes to muscle growth. I'm talking mainly about post-workout nutrition, which has a huge influence on the effect of training. In a period of 30-45 minutes after training the so called metabolic window is "opened" during which, through proper nutrition we can stop the catabolic and stimulate the anabolic processes in the body. However, most people either ignore completely their post-workout meal or needlessly complicating it, worrying for every gram.

2: Eat fast carbs and fast proteinБанани

Carbohydrates after a workout restore depleted muscle glycogen, and protein stimulates the synthesis of muscle protein. Eat fast carbs in the form of glucose, not fructose. Fructose is metabolized by the liver and if your workout was not severe enough to burn glycogen in the liver, the surplus is likely to accumulate in fat stores.

The effect is stronger when you combine carbohydrates with protein for optimal muscle recovery. Suitable combination is 1-2 bananas and 1 dose of whey protein powder immediately after workout. Bananas contain more glucose than fructose, and will restore the potassium lost during training.

3: Concentrate your daily carbohydrates in the post-workout mealследтренировъчно хранене

If you use a low-carb diet, the best time to eat carbohydrates is after workout, because they will not turn into fat and will burn or restore muscle glycogen. Carbohydrates after training help the transport of amino acids into muscle cells and improve blood sugar, and thus insulin. This is an intended effect during the metabolic window, to stop catabolic processes (breakdown of muscle protein) and to suppress the levels of the catabolic hormone cortisol. Even if you exercise late in the afternoon or evening, do not hesitate to take more carbohydrates after training.

4: Drink protein shakes if you preferПротеинов шейк

It is appropriate to choose whey protein powder due to its quick digestibility of the body. Adopted in liquid form (not in the form of whole food) nutrients will reach faster to the muscle tissue. I advise you to bet on quality and avoid cheap protein supplements because of their content of artificial sweeteners - acesulfame K, aspartame, sucralose and others.

However, whether you choose to use supplements or will obtain protein through food is a matter of personal choice.

5:  Metabolic window is the time that complex carbohydrates are digested quickly.Кафяв ориз

30-60 minutes after exercise you can take complex carbohydrates such as potatoes, sweet potatoes, rice, quinoa, buckwheat and others. If you eat frequently throughout the day, the intake of fast carbohydrates is not so important. If your goals are losing fat and your body type is endomorph, you must be a little more careful with highly glycemic foods.





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