How and when to drink water?

How and when to drink water?
How and when to drink water?


Drinking water is one of the first skills that we learn in our life. Yet, it turns out that most of us never managed to learn how to do this so as to make full use of its power.

You've probably heard the rule: 8 glasses of water a day are a mandatory part of a healthy lifestyle. But when and how to drink them? Here are some valuable tips in this direction.

After wake-upБудилник рано сутрин

A glass of water early in the morning helps activate the body functions. It hydrates the body, which is dehydrated after a night's sleep. Furthermore, it stimulates metabolism and activates the work of all internal organs.

An added bonus is that drinking the water before you put any food in your mouth, you are cleared of accumulated toxins.

Before a meal

Many people have the habit to drink water during meals, thinking that doing so they absorb food easier.

But this is wrong and achieves the opposite effect - stomach swells and digestive juices and enzymes are diluted. The proper time to drink water is about 30 minutes before each meal. So you are giving a signal to the stomach to trigger and assist digestion.

Water half an hour before the meal is even able to reduce weight because it reduces appetite. A study of the University of Birmingham shows that drinking between 250 and 500 ml of water before the three main meals can lead to a weight loss of 4.8 kg to about 12 weeks.

An hour after a meal

Immediately after meals is not a good time for drinking water either. Only about an hour after lunch or dinner have passed is the next right moment to quench your thirst. This will help your body absorb nutrients better.

Before and during a workoutПиене на вода по време на тренировка

Almost everyone felt the lifeblood of water during the workout. It helps to optimize efforts and burn more fat. It is however also known that liquids need about 60 minutes to reach the muscles.

So do not forget to prepare your body for the upcoming effort, drinking a glass of water about an hour before your workout.

You can drink water during the workout, it is important to be at larger sips - 120-130 mL in women and 150-180 ml in men.

Before bedtime

About an hour before you go to bed, you should drink another glass of water.

While you sleep, your body loses a certain amount of liquid. However a cup of water will help to prevent this loss and will support cell regeneration during the night rest.

Bottle at your fingertipsшишета с вода

Thirst is a sign that you're already late. The body loses fluids so quickly that information can’t come immediately to the brain.

However, once your brain has already reacted and gives a signal for thirst, then the body is already feeling water shortage. Try not to stay thirsty.

A useful trick to do this is to always have a bottle of water within reach. When the bottle is in front of your eyes you’ll be reaching for it throughout the day without realizing it and will maintain water balance in your body.

Signals for dehydration

Besides thirst, which is a sure sign that you should drink water at the moment, there are some signs that indicate a serious lack of fluids.

The color of urine is one of them. The more clear and transparent it is, the more hydrated your body is. The darker its color the more fluids you must take.

Dry mouth and cracked lips are another important signal we should not ignore.

Small sips

No matter how hot is outside and how tired you are of your workout, avoid gobbling a lot of water at once. This will take air with liquid and your stomach will swell.

Furthermore, the large amount of water can’t be fully absorbed, and part of it simply passes through the body.

Room temperature

Ice water can be refreshing, but not a friend of digestion. It literally suppress digestive fire. So it is best to drink it at room temperature.

8 glasses or?

In fact, the so popular rule of eight glasses of water a day, which we began this article with, is not universal. Each organism is different and has different requirements. However, if you stick to the above tips, you will surely get enough water for your body to be well hydrated; your metabolism - increased and burning fat - activated.


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